I’AM… – Marie J. Engelsvold

31. marts – 5. maj 2022


I wanted to make the process of art making more alive. I wanted to be in the forest.

I placed my art materials in my car. I went to the forest and started playing.

It consumed me. I felt so energized, so different.

Was it the trees? The forest ? Or me?

I wanted to connect with the force of nature. The trees felt familiar.

I felt accepted. I felt loved.

It was fun too. I didn’t know what exactly I was doing, only that it really made me shine.

It was better with closed eyes.

I wanted to sense that force. I wanted to feel that love. I wanted to be that aliveness.

I blinded myself, to not be disturbed.

I kept that feeling within. Allowing myself to be guided by that force.

Guided by the forest? The trees? Or me?

My materials have different shapes, and textures.

I experiment and play with my materials. I hang them on trees, I place them up against tree trunks,.

I wear them.

How can I navigate wearing all this stuff, and be

almost blinded? How does it feel?

I invited other people to join me in the forest, it could be fun. Maybe they would feel the energy too?

Trusting our own nature.